Eric Weiss

I'm Eric Weiss. I've been obsessed with technology since I was in diapers. I grew up playing video games, hacking, building data centers, and doing research at a supercomputing lab. I've spent the last fifteen years developing software products from every angle. I’m a startup founder and advisor, product strategy consultant, author, public speaker, executive coach, and user-centered design evangelist. I LOVE this stuff!

Recently, I published my first book, the Right Things: How to Design and Build a Product People Will Love. It’s a love letter to the user-centered design philosophy, and teaches founders how to solve real problems for their customers by creating empathy and designing engaging and effective user experiences. I also launched an online course called Full Cycle Product Development, where I guide founders every step of the way from the idea to launch and beyond.

I get my creativity from nature, and I often do my best work on the trails. In fact, I wrote my entire book while hiking and dictating on my phone. I love engaging with and supporting new startup founders, and I’m constantly motivated to create valuable content to help them succeed.

UX Idol 2.0 Judges

Sypraseuth "Syp" Vandy Siligato

I am passionate about mentoring early-career UX designers.
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Michelle Peck

I add a human-centered approach to my process.
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James "Andy" Vaughn

My expertise includes behavior-driven testing practices.
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Eric Weiss

I have been obsessed with tech since I was in diapers.
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Bryan "Sage" Rill

I design and deliver co-creative programs for communities and organizations.
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