CappUXcino 'n Coffee presents
UX Idol 2.0

November 9, 2019

845 15th Street
San Diego, CA 92101

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What is UX Idol?

UX Idol is a dynamic half-day “American Idol” style workshop in which a few pre-selected new-to-junior level UX professionals showcase their work in front of an audience of peers, family members, and friends. It is a platform used to give junior-level UX professionals an opportunity to highlight their work, build their confidence, and grow exponentially in their new career. At the end of each presentation, participants receive on-the-spot critiques and actionable feedback from a panel of judges comprised of industry leaders from companies such as Intuit, ServiceNow, Blink, Invetech, FreshForm, and MindTouch.

What makes this event even more spectacular is that attendees are also given the opportunity to receive invaluable dedicated one-on-one time with an industry leader or judge to discuss ways to improve their processes, projects, and portfolios.


UX Idol 2.0 Schedule

Welcome to UX Idol 2.0 + Fireside Chat

When you have an event filled with UX professionals gathered for the common goal of cultivating future industry leaders, there is no better human to call on in order to energize, elevate, and inspire the crowd than James Vinh, President of SDXD and our MC for UX Idol 2.0!

Attendees are encouraged to arrive a little early for the opportunity to cultivate and strengthen genuine and meaningful connections with current and future UX, Product, Engineering, and Marketing leaders in San Diego.

If you've been wondering what UX Idol is all about, why and how it got started, and what's next, you'll get to hear from the Creator of UX Idol in an up-close and personal fireside chat conversation.

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

James Vinh UX Idol Master of Ceremony

Allie Curtis Creator of UX Idol

Portfolio Reviews [VIP]

The portfolio review sessions were so successful and highly requested at the last workshop that we had to add them to the agenda again! During one-on-one sessions, VIP Admission ticketholders will receive 20 minutes of dedicated time with a judge or industry leader who will assist them in creating an expeditious action plan to elevate their portfolios, processes, or projects.

11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Judges + Industry Leaders San Diego, CA


With a passion for improving communication around mental health, Carly aims to answer why it takes more than one attempt for people to find an ideal therapist suited for them and their needs. After completing some extensive qualitative and quantitative research, Carly will synthesize her findings and aim to provide a solution.

01:30 PM - 1:40 PM

Carly's Portfolio

Have a holistic view. Explore curiosity. Practice empathy.
These values lay the foundation for every problem I approach. With them I passionately seek a deepened understanding of the subject at hand. I have strong skills in ethnography and an eagerness to contribute to a purposeful and positive user experience.

Carly Evers Member of CappUXcino 'n Coffee

Grow Green

Sustainability is no small feat. However, Jiyoon strives to make a difference through her daily awareness of green and conscious living. From consuming specific ink for her everyday writing and creative projects to thinking of creative ways to save our indoor and potted plants, Jiyoon is certain that with small changes, we all can improve our carbon footprint. Hence, making our world a more enjoyable space for the human living experience.

01:45 PM - 1:55 PM

Jiyoon's Portfolio

I am an artist who views everyday as a piece of art. I discovered how technology and art are deeply woven together to create experiences. Thus, I started learning how to code to combine my artistic sense with technology.

Jiyoon Kim Member of CappUXcino 'n Coffee

Tired to Hired

Ryan is a researcher who is dedicated to solving everyday problems that real people face in their daily lives.

As an early career UX professional, Ryan, like most of us, has dealt with the process of applying to countless jobs using various platforms. He has come to the realization that the sheer activity of applying for jobs is very tedious, even in the era of the Internet.

Ryan surmises that, given platforms such as Glassdoor and Indeed, there should be an easier and less tedious way to apply for jobs. He hopes to find or improve upon a solution that will not only decrease the frustrations that many job applicants face, but will also increase their motivation and enthusiasm while trying to fulfill one of their most basic needs - finding a job.

02:00 PM - 2:10 PM

Ryan's Portfolio

I am a research-driven interface designer and developer focused on intuitiveness and minimalism. I find deep satisfaction in helping others and making lives easier.

"What keeps you up at night? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Ask these two questions and you can learn a lot about a person."

Ryan Chambers Member of CappUXcino 'n Coffee

Communicating APPropropriately

Entering into a profession where collaboration is key and ideas are plentiful, Hannah has come to realize that in most meetings, there are usually people in the room who seldom have an opportunity to speak or express their ideas. She hypothesizes that the reticence of these people is potentially harmful to the development of a project, company, or themselves, where decisions might be biased or great ideas may go undiscovered.

Hannah is hopeful that her solution is one that will help everyone express their ideas in a meeting while ensuring that the meeting is highly efficient and productive.

02:15 PM - 2:25 PM

Hannah's Portfolio

I really hope that with my efforts I can become an influential UX professional who will be sensitive to important details, really empathize with users, and create innovative solutions for them!

Yuhan "Hannah" Wang Member of CappUXcino 'n Coffee


During this time, members of the audience will have a chance to ask questions of and give feedback to the presenters as well as the panel of judges. Someone's thoughts may just spark the next great invention!

2:30 PM - 2:45 PM

James Vinh UX Idol Master of Ceremony


What a bold move the UX Idol participants have made to present their work in front of an audience of peers and industry leaders. Each presenter is a winner in our eyes, but only one winner can take home the grand prize.

The esteemed panel of judges, representing various disciplines and companies in San Diego, will have the difficult job of deciding who will be the next UX Idol winner. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to vote on each presentation and select the People's Choice winner.

2:45 PM - 3:00 PM

Judges + Audience UX Idol 2.0


After several weeks of diligent practice and hard work, the participants can finally breathe! They will all be celebrated and receive a special message from their mentor, Allie Curtis.

The winner of UX Idol 2.0 will be announced by the Master of Ceremony, James Vinh.

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Allie Curtis Creator of UX Idol + CappUXcino 'n Coffee

After Party

What a day! It's time to celebrate!!!

Let's go out to unwind, dine, and talk design.

3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Celebration of Community San Diego, CA

Happy Humans

Workshop Ticket Pricing

General Admission

$ 10 Early Bird thru October 18

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  • Free Wifi
  • Lunch
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VIP Admission

$ 20 Early Bird thru October 18

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$ 5 Early Bird thru October 31

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UX Idol 2.0 MC + Judges

James Vinh | SDXD

President + UX Idol MC

James is passionate about
cultivating a vibrant design
community in San Diego.

Sypraseuth "Syp" Vandy Siligato | Intuit

Sr. Product Designer

Syp is passionate about mentoring early-career UX designers.

Michelle Peck | FreshForm

Chief Experience Officer

Michelle adds a human-centered approach to her process.

James "Andy" Vaughn | MindTouch

Sr. Technical Product Manager

Andy's expertise includes behavior-driven testing practices.

Eric Weiss | Full Cycle Product Development

Founder + Author

Eric has been obsessed with tech since he was in diapers!

Bryan "Sage" Rill | Eliad Group

Researcher + Strategist + Catalyst

Sage aims to transform people and org cultures, by design.

UX Idol 2.0 Coaches

Britt Midgette

I'm just a dude, playing a dude, disguised as anotha dude.

Tara Jensen

The marriage of science and design makes perfect sense. I love learning how people think and diving into big, juicy problems!

Eduardo Hernandez

I am currently working towards helping people live longer and happier lives.

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